Company profile

Comer Industries – established in 1970 in Reggiolo, Reggio Emilia, Italy – is a global leader in the design and production of advanced engineering systems and mechatronic solutions for power transmission, supplied to major manufacturers of agricultural and industrial machinery worldwide.

To develop and test innovative products, Comer Industries has established in 1996 the Mechatronics Research Center, over a total surface area of 1,500 m², featuring 11 soundproofed test rooms. Comer Industries can also rely on its Metallographic Laboratory for chemical and materials’ analysis.

Comer Academy, the in-house management school, established in 2008, develops human resources through training, targeted programs and actions on the field.

Industrial operations in Italy are structured in four plants, specialized by product line: Gearboxes, Driveshafts, Planetary Drives & Axles and Comer Industries Components – located in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Mantua and Matera. In China, where the company has a consolidated presence since more than 20 years, the facility in Shaoxing (Zhejiang province) has been manufacturing transmissions for agricultural and wind applications since 2008. The plant in Bangalore (India) manufactures axles and transmissions for construction market equipment.


Advanced engineering systems and mechatronic solutions

– Driveshafts, safety devices for driveshafts, mechanical clutches and safety devices
– Orbit motors
– Rigid and steering axles
– Modular planetary drives, planetary travel and hoist drives, slew drives
– Gearboxes, speed changes gears, parallel and right angle shaft speed increasers and reducers