Microingranaggi S.r.l. – Company

Microingranaggi designs and produces precision gears since more or less 40 years on small and very small modules (0,10-2,5) in every materials and quantities.

This mission has been developed in these years and has given to the company a precise description and above all Made in Italy advantages to our Italian and foreign customers.
It has been not only a long but “an extended experience” gained in several sectors, matching different requirements that has requested to our technical department extremely customized solutions.
Company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and it is fully air conditioning equipped.
Metrological room can measure, test and certify every product made on production and assembly department.

Application fields are countless : Nautical, aircraft, elettro-medical, implantology, automation & robotics, automotive, elettro-tools, gear-pumps,electrical actuators, motorized valves, various instrumentation, dynamic modeling, packaging and weight
machines, etc.
Sales representative in Germany : Mr. Nicola Rodolfi
Sales representative in Israel : Mr. Ilan Caner


  • Gears, miniature gears, worm gears,timing pulley, motor shafts.
  • Motors gearbox, speed increasers, linear actuators.
  • Precision mechanical machining on customer’s drawing.