OCMI-OTG S.p.A. – Company




OTG is a division of OCMI-OTG group: its main activity has always been the manufacturing of multipliers, gears and special gears.

Over the years we have developed a strong expertise in developing high speeds reducers and multipliers: one of the latest applications has been the collaboration, with Ferrari GS, for the realization of the multiplier for the test bench of the KERS.

Product development is carried out internally by highly qualified technicians, from the design, manufacture and assembly of all components as well as functional testing of completed units.

This experience allows us to produce, with high quality standards, every demand starting from particular needs of the customer.

Our working method is as follows:

– Design aimed at obtaining the best functional performance (torsional strength and and resistance to bending,
 efficiency, etc.), using programs for finite element analysis and CAD
– Procurement of materials given to qualified vendors constantly monitored in order to ensure the quality
 of the process
– Production cycles organized according to the standards required in the design phase
– Quality testing of each component made to verify compliance to the project
– Final test, performed on each unit, with load simulation possibilities up to 1,000 HP

Our references include leading manufacturers of turbines, compressors and pumps, and the best-known engineering companies


  • PTMb horizontal parallel gears
  • Auxiliaries for turbines and compressors
  • GR right-angle gears
  • HS parallel shaft gears
  • High Speed parallel for turbo expander
  • Multistage, vertical offset and packages