OERLIKON_foto 1_Sincronizzatori
Oerlikon Graziano is world’s no. 1 in the design and manufacture of synchronizers for agricultural tractors: almost 70% of all agricultural vehicles in production use Oerlikon synchronizers.
OERLIKON_foto 2_powershifts
Oerlikon Graziano is able to design, develop and test complete powershift units according to customers’s applications. Supplying the complete powershift unit gives great advantages to the Customer in geometries and functionality.
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Oerlikon Graziano has a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of bevel gear sets used in the most technical challenging or complex agricultural, construction equipment and special automotive applications.
Oerlikon Graziano is the world’s largest supplier of high precision gears and shafts for final reduction components within the agricultural and off-highway vehicle markets.