Viganò International S.r.l. – Company


The Strength of One , the Power of the Group.

VIGANÒ INTERNATIONAL srl was founded in January 1990 as Viganò srl and started its core activities producing metal sheet processing and cut equipment and revamping second-hand production lines. Following the creation of a team of engineers VIGANÒ started designing and manufacturing single machines. Research and development led to the completion of a unique tension-levelling system able to restore and process material that would otherwise be discarded. In the year 2000the company started also designing and producing complete cut to-length and slitting lines to process high resistant and large thickness materials. We also developed “movable lines”, a cost-effective version of standard lines, which can be easily installed and uninstalled to be re-located according to the client’s needs.

Since December 2014, VIGANÒ INTERNATIONAL srl has become part of Galbiati Group srl.

PLANNING / DESIGN A wealth of expertise in various productive sectors. The planning/design and production process is managed entirely within the Group, ensuring the highest levels of quality and reliability.
CONSTRUCTION The mechanical components and the machinery are produced by specialised personnel in modern and rationally equipped workshops, in accordance with lean production criteria.
TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL Galbiati Group boasts a tradition of testing and verification processes of the highest level, characterised by dimensional and non-destructive controls. The Company is among the very few companies in Italy capable of VERIFYING AND CERTIFYING THEIR COMPONENTS using three-dimensional ZEISS MMZ-G 306025 and ZEISS ACCURA.

Single units:

  • Decoilers;
  • Recoilers;
  • Straightening machines;
  • Trimming shears;
  • Scrap winders;
  • Scrap chopper;
  • Sta ckers;
  • Flying (a) and rotary shears (b);
  • End shears;
  • Rough out and finishing brushing machines;
  • Multi -cylindrical levelling machine;
  • Coil loading cars.