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ZF MARINE POD 2500 – 2800
The ZF POD is one of the most efficient propulsion system, ideal for medium-sized pleasure craft of 30 to 48 feet overall length, can be used with engines up to 450 hp. The increased propulsion efficiency, compared to traditional shaftline systems, can give up to 15% faster cruise speed and up to 15%
faster top speed. Better performance translates into improved fuel economy up to 30%, environmental footprint reduction and both initial and through-life cost reduction. The system consists of a
transmission unit, a steering system and counter-rotating propellers,governed by an electronic control system.

The ZF Marine product range for pleasure craft applications includes a wide variety of transmissions for engine outputs of up to 1,400 hp, for all installation configurations – vertical offset, down-angle, coaxial and vee-drive.


The ToughGear series represents a selected group of transmissions, designed and built for the most rigorous duty cycles.


ZF Padova offers a wide range of loose gears for different applications:
• locomotives and railcars
• timing gears for large engines
• high speed transmissions
• industrial applications